Blue Flame Logo

Blue Flame can offer not only quality and style, but also reasonable prices and highly reliable deliveries. These four things are key to the company’s success in Germany.

Blue Flame has access to 8.000 m² of storage space at the company’s headquarters in Glinde, just outside Hamburg.  Here, the distribution of goods to customers is managed with a  guarantee of 100% reliability.

Blue Flame collections are displayed in the company’s own showrooms in Düsseldorf and Munich, as well as at numerous regional and selected international fashion trade fairs.


“As a specialist in jackets, functional rainwear and ski clothing, as well as trousers and shorts, we have been supplying European retailers with hot-selling outdoor fashion-wear for decades.” Director, Blue Flame

Brand Profile

Blue Flame is a modern brand picking up international trends and styles in order to offer highly marketable outerwear and skiwear, aimed at 30+ ladies.

The main Blue Flame collection is complemented by a line of utilitarian rain-wear and softshell jackets branded “Crossfield”. for men – click here to see further details


Collections P/A
38-46, 42-52, 50-60
Average Wholesale
Jackets: £13-37 / 18-53€
Collection Size
Circa 80
Competitive to
Kirsten, Lebek, Regatta, Icepeak, concept k
Sits next to
Kirsten, Lebek, Regatta, Icepeak, concept k
Country of Origin