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BLISSKER makes T-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, bomber jackets, trousers, jogging pants, coats, leather jackets, leather pants, dresses, blouses, skirts, cardigans, leggings, caps and gym bags for men and women.

BLISSKER works with a unique printing technology patented worldwide, therefore all prints are exclusive. Prints are manufactured in several colours, sometimes in combination with embroidery, and fixed onto fabrics that are also produced solely for the brand.  The resulting filigree prints reflect light in all its forms and transform garments into unique eye-catchers.

BLISSKER is young, urban, easy-going and yet full of extravagance. The clean, sophisticated cuts generate a beautiful contrast with the high quality ‘made in Germany’ graphic prints. When combined with high European production standards, excellent quality and fair labour conditions are assured.

The growing fashion-meets-technology market holds great potential for BLISSKER.

“BLISSKER redefines the use and effect of reflection. We are able to light up our customers!” Director, Blissker

Brand Profile

Forward selling and some NOS pieces for quick delivery.

BLISSKER offers basics with subtle prints to create a distinctive everyday look that still offers coolness and understatement.

Collections P/A
Men: S, M, L, XL
Women: XS, S, M, L
Average Wholesale
55€ - 65€
12.5 % agent; 30 % distributor
Collection Size
20 in women’s collections, 15 in men’s collections, and NOS items carried forward from previous seasons
Competitive to
Design and cuts close to Y-3, ADYN, Yeezy. ICNY uses only the known 3M reflective vinyl which is available only in the colour silver. So we have no directly comparable competitors.
Sits next to
The Kooples, MSGM, Supreme, Acne Studio, Tigha, KENZO
Country of Origin