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The long-running Swiss family firm of Blechemballagenfabrik was established in 1930 to make sheets of industrial steel and metal packages.  It is currently run by Sandra Landolt-Birk, who represents the third generation of creative entrepreneurs behind the company.  The firm set up the brand blembal in 2009 to use their expertise in metalwork in the crafting of high-quality leather accessories.  Inspired by the unusual aesthetic appeal of chrome steel combined with leather, blembal sources leather from Italy for use alongside ultra-thin British steel in its striking, timeless bags.  The firm also makes wallets.  No exotic leathers are utilised in blembal products; all bags are built onto a Swiss-made metal frame.


“blembal stands for self-confident women who love exceptional design and quality as they courageously go through life!” Director, blembal

Brand Profile

blembal is currently promoting their third and fourth collections, consisting of two shoppers, a pochette, and a wallet.  Statement handbags from blembal have been highlighted in British Vogue and Glamour and ordered by clients in the UK, Belgium, Germany and Kuwait.  The time is right for blembal to publicise and sell its exceptional wares worldwide.  Orders of single pieces are possible.

Collections P/A
1 - 2
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Average Wholesale
€166 - €393
12.5% agent; 30% distributor
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