Blake Mill: bold patterns, vivid colours, rock‘n roll vibe and subtle meanings. The brand is a statement against mass-fashion. Blake Mill looks at today’s environment and makes shirts that truly reflect what is happening around us. Each piece has not only a functional value, but also a hidden element: it captures an idea that is meticulously represented in the intricate designs. For example, the “Chromosomes” collection celebrates the equality of sexes by incorporating XX and XY chromosomes in the shirt pattern.

High-quality material is a strong pillar for the brand: shirts are 100% made of highest quality cotton fabric. Also, the brand partners with Ethical Apparel Africa, using fashion production as a means to improve people’s lifestyle in the area. Forward selling and quick delivery within weeks from the brand’s own facility depending on fabric in stock.


Brand Profile

Collections P/A
Average Wholesale
€23 - €34
25-30% distributor discount
Collection Size
Competitive to
Claudio Lugli, 1 Like No Other, Ralph Lauren, Robert Graham, A Fish Named Fred, Circle of Gentlemen
Country of Origin
United Kingdom