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The brand targets women with bohemian vision and lifestyle. Buying BABASH DESIGN accessories is not about stating one's status or exposing one's wealth; it is about having a distinctive personality and making an individual choice; valuing character and uniqueness.

The collections are inspired by culture, travels and lifetime experiences. The brand speaks tradition and creative spirit. The company is proud of its Portuguese craftsmanship; each piece is manufactured by professional leather craftsmen followed by master artisan jewelers and weavers. The result is a unique collection that combines both personality and elegance.


“The world is a source of inspiration. ” Director, Babash Design

Brand Profile

BABASH DESIGN aims to stand out with their character; each piece is in unique and original. While the production is based in Portugal, the company seeks inspiration from global influences and incorporates international cultures to create a ‘perfect accessory’.  


Collections P/A
In some cases S / M sizes are available
Average Wholesale
Collection Size
33 (28 handbags/clutches and 5 belts)
Competitive to
J. Crew, Jerome Dreyfuss, Little Liffner, Clare V.
Sits next to
Paul & Joe Sister
Country of Origin