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Having a BABASH DESIGN accessory is not about stating one's status or exposing one's wealth; it is about having a distinctive personality and making an individual choice; valuing character and uniqueness. The brand targets women with bohemian vision and lifestyle.

Collections are inspired by culture, travels and lifetime experiences. The brand speaks tradition and creative spirit. The company is proud of its Portuguese craftsmanship; each piece is manufactured by professional leather craftsmen followed by master artisan jewelers and weavers. The result is a unique collection that combines both personality and elegance.

“The world is a source of inspiration. ” Director, Babash Design

Brand Profile

Collections P/A
In some cases S / M sizes are available
Average Wholesale
Collection Size
33 (28 handbags/clutches and 5 belts)
Competitive to
J. Crew, Jerome Dreyfuss, Little Liffner, Clare V.
Sits next to
Paul & Joe Sister
Country of Origin