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Axel makes and designs bags, wallets, shoes, belts, and clothing. 70% of the collection is handbags and 30% - clothing. All items come in compatible styles and prints for easy mixing and matching.  Axel collections are all about original and practical designs and good value for money. Axel is selling successfully in several countries in Europe and is showing at various trade fairs with the goal of increasing sales and building brand awareness.  

“Find yourself in Axel.” Director, Axel

Brand Profile

Axel is inspired by the latest global trends in art and fashion. The collections are nicely structured as well as flexible; endless combinations are possible. The Axel logo reflects the vivid character of the brand.

Collections P/A
Axel collection from 36 to 44
Axel Concept from 34 to 42
Axel Girl from 4 to 10 years
Axel shoes from 36 to 41
Axel girl shoes from 25 to 35
Average Wholesale
25€ - 31€/ £20 - £29
Collection Size
792 in multiple colourways
Competitive to
Doca, Verde, BSB, Toi & Moi
Sits next to
Guess, Desigual
Country of Origin