allpa was established in 1986 by a group of Peruvian professionals keen to support local artisans. Loomed accessories to heavy knit sweaters are handmade of alpaca wool or baby alpaca wool under Fairtrade principles; allpa’s approach is award-winning. Contemporary designs and the traditional skills of the people of the Andes are brought together in allpa collections.

allpa can deliver the collections packed and tagged depending on other requirements specified by the client.  After working with representatives in USA, allpa is seeking to expand its presence in Europe.


“We want to start an aesthetic movement promoting artisanal products to the luxury market” allpa, Director

Brand Profile

Collections P/A
2 main collections and a smaller holiday collection
Average Wholesale
£29 / 35€ for accessories
£38 - 53 / 45 – 63€ for garments
Not including local taxes
12.5% commission for agents; 30% discount for distributors
Collection Size
20 pieces, including accessories and garments
Competitive to
In Peru: Ayni, Wayra, Royal Knit, Kero Designs
Sits next to
Other brands similarly straddling artisanal and luxury markets
Country of Origin