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Each Zympala garment is accompanied by a certificate of inspiration – a symbol of the deep commitment that the creators of this brand have to the values behind it. Their heartfelt belief in the cultural, historical, social, and geographical wealth of the great continent of Africa is backed up by their commitment to giving back via mutual aid and education; within 25 years, one million girls will have benfitted from the Zympala Foundation. 

Mireille Mpere, one of the founders of Zympala, pursued studies in fashion across multiple continents, going against social norms and expectations in her home country of the Democratic Republic of Congo before setting up Zympala in her new home in Quebec, Canada.  Her passion is building bridges between nations and cultures through clothes.

All fabrics are environmentally friendly. 100% cotton is often used. For women, Zympala offers dresses, jackets, blouses, skirts, collars, bracelets, and handbags. For men, Zympala creates jackets, pants, dress shirts, smart casual shirts, and ties. All garments are tailored and smart.


“Zympala has given itself the mission to be Africa’s ambassador around the world by espousing values identified with the African continent such as determination, authenticity, and giving back” Director, Zympala

Brand Profile

Collections P/A
Women: S – XL
Men: M - XXL
Average Wholesale
CAN$69 – CAN$342
USD$50 – USD$250
46€ - 230€
12.5% agent / rep commission
Collection Size
Competitive to
Calvin Klein, BCBG, Tahari
Sits next to
Calvin Klein, BCBG, Tahari
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