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Established in 2009, Simone Herrera offers a collection of handcrafted rubber flip-flops and sandals with a colourful and strong visual appeal.  Simone Herrera is very different to other brands on the market!

Each pair of footwear is unique. All sandals are professionally hand-stitched; both sandals and flip-flops feature details such as flowers, pearls and rhinestones.  The Simone Herrera brand is all about contemporary spirit and glamor.

Quick delivery from order up to 2 days; shipped from Germany.


“Whilst on holiday in Bolivia in 2009 – the native country of my husband – I was intrigued by the colourful, flowery chanclas worn by the local women and created this exciting commercial brand.” Director, Simone Herrera

Brand Profile

Collections P/A
Women: 35/42
Children: 27/34
Average Wholesale
$20 - $32 / 18€ - 29€
12.5% negotiable
Collection Size
Competitive to
Other high quality premium flip-flop brands
Sits next to
Swim collections, high quality brands
Country of Origin