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The bohemian nonchalance of Mint represents the ideal Australian lifestyle: beachy, relaxed, open, easy to wear. Mint's collections range from dresses to shirts and tops, from skirts to pants, for a complete "lux-relax' womenswear offer. All prints are exclusive to Mint and all fabrics used are 100% natural. Based in Sydney, Mint originates from one of the leading clothing manufacturers in Australia.

Already stocked in selected boutiques both nationally and internationally, Mint is now seeking distribution in USA. 


“Treasure Mint clothing forever”

Brand Profile

Collections P/A
8-16 / XS - XL
Average Wholesale
USD $37 - USD $74
30% distributor discount
Collection Size
Competitive to
Bird & Kite, Binny, Stevie May
Sits next to
Bird & Kite, Binny, Stevie May
Country of Origin