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The family behind Leny Tomy is passionate about instilling a sense of value and style into children from a very early age; to this end, they source fabrics and detailing from notable producers across Europe including Liberty, Swarovski, Jean Bracq Dentelles, and others.  These are used in sophisticated “petit couture” festive garments for children, handcrafted from cotton, tulle, jacquard, embroidered lace, velvet, silk, wool and corduroy. Leny Tomy keeps up with the trends, but also keeps a sense of the timeless. All garments are produced in limited editions.  Leny Tomy is sure-footedly moving into the international market and is seeking representation in Switzerland.  The best of slow fashion, for children. 

“Unique, luxuriously handmade, and timeless clothing for children.”

Brand Profile

Collections P/A
6 months (68 cm) – 12 years (152 cm)
Average Wholesale
Tops and skirts: 20 € - 40€
Dresses and suits: 40€ - 75€
Accessories: 5€ - 15€
Collection Size
Competitive to
Baby Dior, Charabia, David Charles, Bleu Comme Gris
Sits next to
Baby Dior, Charabia, David Charles, Bleu Comme Gris
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