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Established in 1987, longstanding brand GARZA, produce men’s and women’s outerwear; particularly double faced Spanish shearling and leather jackets. Combining lustrous materials such as leathers and shearling and a ‘Made in Spain’ production method gives GARZA a unique position in the market. Based in Spain, GARZA is one of a few companies to create 100% ‘Made in Spain’ products, generating everything from design and pattern making to manufacturing.

Producing maximum quality and design at affordable price points, GARZA pride themselves on creating their products from scratch. Creating high standards products, GARZA offer forward selling on existing styles and sizes, promising to deliver within 10 -15 days.


“100% Made in Spain, we offer quality statement pieces at affordable prices” Director, Garza

Brand Profile

Collections P/A
Women’s sizes from 38 to 48, with bigger sizes from 38 to 54
Men’s from 48 to 64
Average Wholesale
Leather from 115€ to 200€
Double faced shearling from 400€ to 600€
Collection Size
Between 30 and 40
Competitive to
Other leatherwear collections
Sits next to
Traditional premium collections
Country of Origin