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Mixing fine Italian design with ancient Venetian handcraft, Clamor Glamour is curated in a Venetian workshop and is made up of three separate lines. Everyday objects become unique jewellery pieces; work and common life tools shaped by contemporary visions in original and alternative creations. 925 silver is the material, that combined with the concept originality and exclusive cuts, gives Clamor Glamour a unique position in the jewelry market. 

The Clamor line has a very determined unusual look, interpreted by evocative objects manufactured with peculiar effects and coloring processes. The Glamour line blends creativity with style for very original designs. The Venezia line: keys and locks transformed into unique jewellery pieces.


“Twist your wrist to Italian beauty” Director, Clamor Glamour

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Agents 12.5%, distributor discount 30%
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Miansai, M.Cohën, Giles & Brother
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Diesel, Dsquared, Margela, HTC, Miansai, M.Choen, Gilles & Brothers
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