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Chalrose was born when founder Marieke had an epiphany. A beautiful handbag adorned with fur that she had bought in the winter had been put in the back of the wardrobe when summer arrived; but what if she was able to remove the fur? 

A line of customizable vegetable leather handbags and accessories, Chalrose – named after the children of the co-founders – has been Marieke’s answer to that experience.  Women can click accents such as bracelets, feathers, studs, smaller bags, and fringe to add them to a simple, classic bag of their choosing.  Chalrose is sold in high-end boutiques in The Netherlands and is now looking to expand sales into Germany and Belgium.

Marieke’s partner in setting up Chalrose was the very American Pat, who peppered her sentences with great, amazing, and huge.  She would also say “Screw the man. They think they are the boss. But at the end we women rule the world!” Tragically, Pat passed away of breast cancer before Chalrose was fully launched. The company continues in the memory of a woman who did it like no one else did.  


“One bag, different styles. Don't be like the rest of them.”

Brand Profile

Collections P/A
N / A
Average Wholesale
Bags: €80
Wallets: €45
10% - 12.5%
Collection Size
Bag styles 6 – 8. Upsells (Clicks) 20+
Competitive to
Fred de la Bretoniere, Myomy, O My Bag, Liebeskind
Sits next to
Fred de la Bretoniere, Myomy, O My Bag, Liebeskind
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