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Established in 2015, ARISTOW creates affordable men and womenswear garments for those who appreciate quality. ARISTOW offers comprehensive collections including polo’s, shirts, t-shirts, trousers chinos, shorts, caps, blazers, swimwear and beach shoes.

Manufactured in the same breath as LA MARTINA and HACKETT, ARISTOW is a French high-end sportswear brand, inspired by elite and prestigious sports such as Golf, Equestrian and Yachting. Made from the finest cottons, ARISTOW’s appeal is its great quality at good prices. Each product features a special and unique design.

Following grand success within France, ARISTOW is hoping to expand the brand further within Europe.

“ELITE SPORT” Director, Aristow

Brand Profile

Collections P/A
from S to 5XL
Average Wholesale
Collection Size
On average 100
Competitive to
Vicomte A, Gaastra, La Martina, Aeronautica militare
Sits next to
Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, La Martina, GANT, Hackett
Country of Origin